Tax Incentives Planning

Puerto Rico flag Delerme CPA specializes in helping businesses and investors take advantage of Puerto Rico tax incentives. We know how to leverage Act 20, Act 22, and other decrees to qualify for the right incentives so you can legally insulate yourself and your business from taxes. With our strategies, you'll increase the profitability of your business and safeguard your personal wealth from the IRS - all from the sunny shores of Puerto Rico.

Corporate Tax Savings

Our CPA firm teams up with corporations from the United States and around the world to set up operations on Puerto Rican soil and reap the numerous tax benefits. Although relocating carries some risk, the rewards can bring your business to a whole new level, and we'll show you how to do it.

As your tax consultant, we'll provide the roadmap to make your move and maximize your tax savings. We'll explain which exemptions apply to your type of business and how to position your operations in Puerto Rico so you're eligible for the largest tax breaks possible. We'll also guide you through the important business decisions you need to make along this journey including assistance with:

Tax Savings for Individual Investors

For entrepreneurs, opportunities for tax-efficient investing are abound in Puerto Rico. You could be paying ZERO in taxes. Individual investors can qualify for a 0% tax rate on short-term and long-term capital gains and 0% on interest and dividends. Securing these tremendous tax breaks requires that you become a bona fide resident and we can explain what's involved and how to apply.

Get Started Now

Puerto Rico is ready to welcome you and your business with open arms and big tax savings. Discover the financial gains made possible by relocating to this beautiful island. Call us now at 939-236-3532 or request your free consultation online to learn more. Our 939-236-3532 has offices in the United States and Puerto Rico.