Puerto Rico CPA Tax Incentives

Puerto Rico has become the premier destination for tax savings. The Puerto Rican government is luring businesses and investors to their beautiful island with attractive tax incentives like a 4% corporate tax rate and a 0% tax rate on capital gains. Many sizable tax breaks like these are offered across a variety of industries, making Puerto Rico America’s last true tax haven.

With the right guidance, you too can take advantage of the amazing tax benefits flowing from the shores of Puerto Rico. To get started, contact Delerme CPA, LLC. We’re the resource global players turn to for strategies that take full advantage of Puerto Rico’s tax incentives. We know how to coax every last tax credit and exemption out of Act 20, Act 22, and other government decrees to save you the most money possible on taxes.

Find out how to shield your business and personal wealth from tax exposure while basking in the sun of Puerto Rico’s sandy beaches. Call us now at (404) 445-8095 or request your free consultation online to learn more. Our CPA firm has offices located in the United States and right in the heart of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Tax Savings

From incentives for corporations and the film industry to individual investors, tax savings abound in Puerto Rico.

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Delerme CPA, LLC is a U.S. CPA firm specializing in maximizing tax incentives for global businesses and investors in Puerto Rico. We're highly experienced in international taxation and boast a bilingual staff that speaks fluent English and Spanish. Our founder, Victor Delerme, is a Certified Public Accountant in Puerto Rico and Georgia.

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