Act 73 - Manufacturing Industry Tax Incentives

Manufacturing distribution business Controlling costs is a constant challenge for manufacturers. The potential to save money on taxes with the incentives offered by Puerto Rico under Act 73 has made doing business there irresistible to many types of manufacturing companies. When companies choose to relocate, the tax savings make production more economical and they can pass these savings on to customers, giving them an edge among the competition.

At Delerme CPA, we're highly experienced in Puerto Rico tax incentive planning for manufacturing companies. We can show you how to maximize the number of tax credits and exemptions your business qualifies for when you set up operations in Puerto Rico.

Act 73 Tax Incentives

Our strategies will position your business to receive all of the appropriate tax incentives offered to the manufacturing industry under Act 73. Some of the tax benefits include:

Who's Eligible for Act 73?

The tax incentives offered under Act 73 benefits food processing companies and other manufacturing businesses producing products like consumer goods, apparel, biotech materials, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

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